Kitty Wicks, LCSW
Child and Adolescent Psychotherapy

About Kitty Wicks, LCSW

Born in New Delhi, India, Kitty is a twin who spent her childhood in the Middle East, growing up in Egypt, Lebanon and Algeria. After attending Prep school in New England, she earned her Bachelor’s degree in Psychology from the College of William & Mary and a Masters Degree in Social Work. She completed her residency and subsequently earned a clinical license to practice psychotherapy in the State of Virginia. She has been a practicing psychotherapist for 25 years.  In that time, she has served as a Board Member of: Developmental Delay Resources, Sensory Integration International, Autism Society of Northern Virginia, and the McLean Safe Community Coalition, among others. She has presented numerous trainings to governmental agencies, schools, school systems and community groups on topics such as: anxiety in teens, sibling rivalry, balancing sports and academics, Floortime play therapy and how to motivate the reluctant exerciser. As an avocation, Kitty is a competitive long-distance runner, a trained bootcamp instructor and personal trainer. She won DC Road Runner’s Club Outstanding Female Masters Runner in 2008. She pioneered the hybrid psychotherapy-fitness model in 2008.

Kitty specializes in working with the following treatment perspectives: cognitive-behavioral, developmental, interpersonal, psychodynamic, insight-oriented, play therapy, and fitness/movement therapy. She has also treated from the polyvagal, dialectical behavioral and internal family systems perspectives. The cornerstone of her treatment is to begin where the client is and use the best modalit(ies) to treat the client.

Kitty has two adult sons, two ragdoll cats, and enjoys travelling the world with her husband.

Our Team

Claire Etheridge

Social Skills/Fitness Group Instructor

Claire is a 2016 graduate of the College of William & Mary. She works full time as a Membership and Program Coordinator with an Association Management Firm in Falls Church City. She is an avid yoga participant and expert in various styles of yoga. She is also a long distance runner who has won age group awards in road races. Claire also teaches an evening class on WordPress and blogging with Arlington County. During college, she worked with children at Walsingham Academy’s after school program. She is the proud Aunt of one niece and one nephew. We have been fortunate to have Claire as a group instructor with us for two years. 

Charlie Phillips

Tabletop Games Psychotherapy Group Gamemaster

Charlie is a 2018 graduate of James Madison University’s school of media arts and design. He works full time as a video producer for WriteBrain Films in Arlington. Charlie was an avid participant and gamemaster at JMU’s Science Fiction/Fantasy Club. Charlie has worked for Kitty Wicks and StartingBlock for over five years and has been a group instructor for both the social skills/fitness group and the 5K training group.