Kitty Wicks, LCSW
Child and Adolescent Psychotherapy

Client Testimonials

"Kitty’s counsel has been invaluable to us as our young adult child with ASD has taken his first tentative steps toward adulthood. Kitty has helped me as a parent to identify when our son’s lack of forward movement is because something is objectively beyond reach or is, instead, based in fear of the unknown and requires some additional processing (and nudging forward!). For our son, working with Kitty has really helped him to develop the confidence to take his first steps into adulthood. She’s made an enormous difference in our lives. "


"Our family worked with Kitty to help my twin boys deal with their extreme social anxiety over the course of elementary and middle school years. Kitty brought a creative and far-ranging set of tools to the challenge, from physical activity, to boardgames and play, to organizing, to art, and of course through talk. She understands the local school system (which proved incredibly helpful), and her insight as a twin herself proved to be incredibly helpful in enabling the boys to gain a deeper and better understanding of self, and how to build the confidence and self-awareness to use the right strategy at the right time to deal with anxiety. They are now strong, independent boys entering HS with all the skills and resources they need to thrive in their new environments. Kitty was always responsive, incredibly kind and warm, and went the extra mile for us every time. She remains an important part of our life, even though we have moved on from needing her services regularly."


"I am not one who usually offers testimonials, even when I think a person or service is stellar, but there are times when someone has made such a positive difference that I want others to be able to benefit as well. Kitty Wicks is an excellent example. We started working with Kitty when my daughter was in elementary school. At the time, social and academic issues were bubbling over and I wondered how we would get through that year, much less middle and high school. My daughter participated in social skills groups and later in individual sessions. There were rough times with social adjustments and anxiety but Kitty was there with her unique blend of empathy, motivation, encouragement, and insight to help not just my daughter but also me (and by extension the rest of our family) in the journey. My daughter in particular benefited from being able to exercise and talk with Kitty so it felt more like speaking with a friend than a therapy session. It was an unusual blend but one that fit us perfectly. To this day, my daughter still tries to live by the standards and personal goals she learned from working with Kitty. I'd like to think I could have helped get her there myself, but having that confidant and professional advice when it was most needed made all the difference. I also want to add that Kitty always made herself accessible to me to talk about my concerns over my daughter's behavior and needs, sometimes as the calming outside voice I needed to hear and sometimes as the psychotherapist with professional recommendations and suggested actions. I can say without hesitation that Kitty is sincere and dedicated and truly one of the best and most caring people I have ever met."


"While going through a divorce in 2010, I wanted my children to have someone that was "neutral" for them to be able to express their feelings with. Kitty provided a safe, comfortable, fun and trusting environment for them to do just that. I am eternally grateful for her. After all these years, they still touch base with her once a month. I would highly recommend her."


"Kitty played an important role in helping our son during his middle and high school years. She helped him strengthen his self-esteem and gave him skills to be more self confident. With Kitty's guidance, he was able to successfully meet physical,academic and emotional challenges. Now 22 years old, he is a recent college graduate happily starting his first professional job. We truly appreciate everything she did for him."


"Kitty is unique in her ability to truly connect with my son; with the foundation of a caring, trusting partnership, Kitty has been able to empower and motivate my son towards positive life changes. We cherish her."